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Kittens find happy homes with Lori's

"My husband and I adopted Minerva, a tortoiseshell maine coon, from Lori's Kitty Rescue on January 11, 2015. She has made a wonderful addition to our family and gets along really well with our other cat, Mick. The two play together and sleep by one another. Minerva is thriving in our home, and she has helped Mick to become more active and stimulated. The entire process of adopting our Minerva was so easy with Lori's Kitty Rescue, and it was very apparent that Lori, Lynda, and Anisa care very deeply about these animals. I felt very comfortable with the entire situation, and Lori even set up the day and time for Minerva's spay. I know that I will continue to support Lori's Kitty Rescue as long as they are a rescue, and I can't thank them enough for bringing us our Minerva." - Christi Eden, Lori's Kitty Rescue adopter

Christi Eden pictured with her newly adopted kitten, Minerva

Lori's pours out love to abandoned, ill cats

Lori's Kitty Rescue is devoted to the health and well-being of all cats to provide them with the best care, such as the story of the young kitten named Augie.  Lori stumbled upon Augie when he was four weeks old in a dumpster in December 2014. Lori's heart fell for the little one and immediately took him to the veterinarian and started to bottle-feed him formula, followed by dry canned kitten food. Augie did not even know how to drink water, so Lori fed him using a syringe.  He was doing well for two weeks, but shortly became ill with cerebellar hypoplasia. Lori immediately started to treat him and when any sign of illness arose, she would rush him to the veterinarian.  Lori never stopped loving him and comforted him in her arms until he passed away peacefully. Augie's story is a perfect example of the love that Lori's Kitty Rescue pours out to its rescues. Lori's Kitty Rescue is devoted to providing loving homes to the sick and abandoned cats in Lafayette and its surrounding areas.

Augie was one of the many cats that Lori's Kitty Rescue cared for duing his battle with cerebellar hypoplasia.

Adoption days at Lafayette PetSmart provide cats with loving families

Lori's Kitty Rescue has adoption days at PetSmart along with donation drives such as food and litter.  A family adopted this little one during National Adoption Weekend on Feb. 14, 2015 along with two others.  The three young boys who adopted the three were ecstatic to welcome them into their home and to pick out their names. One of the boys was jumping for joy as he decided to name him Ralph. The adoption days and donation drives are located at Petsmart, 3500 State Rd 38E, Lafayette, Indiana 47905




Lori's Kitty Rescue spends weekends at Petsmart hosting adoption events. One family chose this little one and decided to name him Ralph.

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